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black lives

Published on 05 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

black lives

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 2 months ago

They teach their children filth and then it spread out and effects our children.

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NewWorldCircus 2 months ago

They're not human.
No way.
They can't be.

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ArchMachina 2 months ago

i will enjoy their death by my own 2 hands ... its like a dream coming to fruition , very soon .
I've personally seen the increasing number of nigger in UK ... its fucking disgusting as shit ...
ever single day i think of ways to exterminate them ... 1 by 1 .... and after the nigger cleaning spree , my final target will be the Judeo-creatures/Jews/Kikes .... with these filth , i will make sure to spill every drop of blood out of their deplorable bodies , the same way they did for 2000 years .

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theliquidatedrabbi 2 months ago

An IQ of 65...when you add theirs up in its entirety.

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Fryer 2 months ago

Sick sick sick psychopaths. .... but don't worry... it will happen near you soon.... in the comfort of your privacy. .... this is what the hard working taxpayers money goes for by the socialist commie selected in office administration...

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