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Black is More Than a Color

Published on 01 May 2021 / In Comedy
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skez 1 day ago

hahahah that fence had no chance

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WhiteMiasma 3 days ago

Ok, how much must we pay for the hospital visit and drugs?

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American Medical Response (AMR) base rate for ambulance ride $2,574.05
Average cost for non-emergency visit at ER $2,000 (SHEBOON fall down - not emergency)
Head CT Scan (because SHEBOON hit head) at least $1,000
X-Rays (because SHEBOON fell off porch and need to rule out fractures) $100-$1,000

Those were national averages which could be higher or lower depending on if SHEBOON was in Baltimore, Detroit, or else where.
SHEBOON is most likely on Medicare and Medicaid, so AMR and hospital ER will probably bill Medicaid for any Medicare co-payments the SHEBOON is responsible for. We can assume from the looks of her, SHEBOON is probably already on prescription pain meds for the chronic pain related to morbid obesity related co-morbidities (osteoarthritis, both knees, both hips; low back pain) so the ER probably wouldn't need to prescribe anything else to SHEBOON.

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WhiteMiasma 3 days ago

Morbid is putting it well. And on this same line, they have to employ the "fat boy" equipment for all that you stated; so it will likely be at least 3 times the cost. Does anyone know how long a White man must work and be stolen from to pay for this one fat - fat ni666r's falling? Oh how hard our lives are become; looking forward to it being undone.

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Devon Stack, Blackpilled channel on Bitchute, has mentioned a couple of times now that each DINDU, over there lifetime, in the US ends up being a net cost of $250,000 USD to the US . That number is from what DINDUs contribute to tax revenues vs how much they consume in tax-payer funded resources over their lifetime.

Average lifetime DINDU contributions to tax revenue: taxable income - very low to nil, property taxes - nil, capital gains taxes - nil

Average lifetime DINDU use of tax-payer funded resources: WELFARE - very high, Section 8 housing - very high, public school - very high, college admissions DINDU-exclusive grants - very high, Medicare-Medicaid - very high, LAW ENFORCEMENT - very high, state and federal COURT SYSTEM, - very high PRISON SYSTEM - very high, too many to list........

Then there's the average lifetime DINDU cost of property theft and/or damage and/or destruction of private and public property including vehicles and buildings.

Then there's the average lifetime DINDU cost of DINDU on non-DINDU violence like medical expenses or funeral expenses if death-by-DINDU.

He also said their net cost to any country, outside of Africa, would be similar and a better use of that $250,000 would be to use it to bribe them into going back to Africa, which none of them would take and which would prove they are lying about muh wacism and prove it's about the parasitic nature of DINDUs on whites.

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WhiteMiasma 1 day ago (edited)

And no monetary amount can even begin to be placed upon the harm inflicted and/or it brings to the family that has interaction with them like the theft let alone murders. I have worked in and rebuild several of these sec-ape houses. They were in such disrepair that most needed totally rebuilt; cutting an entire wall out and then building around like this nearly the entire thing. So hellish and filthy on the inside with the blackness of their skin I would say smeared all over the walls and heavily around the switches and outlets. Always with the distinct and heavy sent of urine. Filled with trash, floors ruined from prolonged wetness. Walls that, when pushed, move at the bottom; these places were waiting for some strong winds to blow them to the ground. Broken windows that are covered with cardboard and tape and everyone the fucking ceiling falling in and the heat of the attic just dumping in. They sit in the room, insulation everywhere looking at new phones in filth with rings of nig-sweat around their necks. Sickening.

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ShortieLeeroy 3 days ago

Black is more than a this case ten ton goes left.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 4 days ago (edited)

"help me lord, my shoe!"...... that was a nice trophy toss from the side lines there Brother! LMFAO!!!!

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Soldier1 4 days ago (edited)

There were bars missing from that railing, and it had probably been loose for months.
But, getting a screwdriver and tightening it never occurs to them.

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