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Bill Psycho Gates

Melissa Lev
Published on 25 Mar 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines
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AryanPrincess 28 days ago

Bill Gates Vaccinehates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates vaccinhates
Your childeren
Mind controll chips in your spine
Forcing everyone online
Killing Me
Cant You See
Mr G
Is Reptillian

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AryanPrincess 28 days ago

What Evil Comes Our Way, Bill Gates
America Great No More, A great mystery arises,
millions of Americans grow sick again ( from 5G ),
but Bill Gates claims this is a new virus!
The cause of this virus is "BIOTERRORISM"
attack, the U.S. Declares "MARTIAL LAW"
Bill Gates steps in to save the day! He has a plan
"FORCED" vaccinations on everyone...

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AryanPrincess 28 days ago

Can you imagine what Bil Gates could do with this;
Best way to explain it, Bill Gates is using the vaccine as a truck.
This truck is now loaded with aborted baby fetal cells, say from
this Haley from Australia whom just had an abortion. This rare
genetic condition which is fatal. Now using the stem cells
from infant brain, these cells, then these fetal brain cells are
injected into another human host.
These fetal brain cells actually grow inside the host.
These stem cells being brain cells also seek out this
location in the host brain.
The human host will likely become infected
with this same genetic mutation which is
Do you really want Bill Gates to "hijack' your
central nervous system?
Regardless the point is Depopulation and
Bill Gates wants to KILL YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN...
I have Ayran Princess had many vaccinations in my
life and none of them were made from aborted babies!!!
Bill Gates father was head of Planned Parenthood and
from him, Bill Gates learned the power of these stem
Case in point; Perhaps Haley was just hypersensitive
to electromagnetic radiation?
Would have been interesting to see if she could
sleep in a Faraday Cage?
For people that get this vaxx, this may be their only hope.
Bill Gates wants to Vaxx Our Nation For Extermination...

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watching_the_watchers 28 days ago (edited)

this billy g is fubar..I've heard similar..dna snips(fragments) from the cancerous aborted fetus(MRC-5) end up in the vaccine...they know this...this dna is primitive but our stem cells have an affinity to incorporate this dna.

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