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Bill Gates Is LYING and You Should Ask Yourself WHY

Published on 25 Oct 2020 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

You ready for the poison. You going to get the message out.

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White Power
White Power 28 days ago

Since when did that filthy jew, who made its fortune with computer software, have a say so in supposed viruses and vaccines?? Why would anyone in their right mind even consider a single word it says??!?! For one thing its a jew....nuff said, never trust it, kill it.

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AlexXIV 25 days ago

Bill Gates is a jew? i didnt know that

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White Power
White Power 25 days ago

I dont know it for certain, no one ever said he was that i know of, but if it walks like a jew, smells like a jew, acts like a jew....its a jew to me. But i have now found this article that you may want to read: https://flavusvespasian.livejournal.com/20931.html

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JeffnDenmark 29 days ago

He's a hooked nosed Jew. Master liar.

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