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Published on 23 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

Oklahoma American footballer Spencer Jones picked a fight with a smaller man in a pub toilets at the weekend, unknown to him, he was a decade trained MMA fighter and almost lost an eye 😂 love when karma wins.

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PocketRocket 1 month ago

They aren't wearing their masks and social distancing.

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Jeffrey88 2 months ago

I love these "messed with the wrong man" videos!

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southern1861 2 months ago

That's what white people needs to do to niggers. Unfortunately niggers travel in troops. Means a group of Gorillas. So they can help the nigger getting beat up. The guy had it coming.

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anomaly 2 months ago

That little slap he did before he punched him was an interesting touch.

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Lever_Action 2 months ago

As a guy who spent a lot of time in clubs & bars (evidence of a mis-spent youth, as the old expression goes) some of the best fights are in the bathroom

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