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Battlefield Season 5 Episode 3 (2001) - The Battle for Monte Cassino

Published on 19 Apr 2021 / In Documentaries

⁣Battlefield is an American documentary series that debuted in 1994 on PBS that explores the most important battles fought primarily during the Second World War and the Vietnam War. The series employs a novel approach in which history is described by detailed accounts of major battles together with background and contextual information. The sixth and final series of the program was broadcast in 2002.

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Whitmann 26 days ago

Thanks again. The " battlefield " documentary fails to mention the atrocities committed by the MAROCCHINATE, those were the French colonial troops, composed of Algerian , Morrocans and negros from Senegal. After the allied breakthrough of the Gustav line, those beasts did rampaged the Italian countryside and raped and infested (with syphilis) more than a million Italian peasant women, it was a truly gruesome act...(The white French officers did condone the despicable barbarities )

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