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Based Paris

Published on 26 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

Based Paris

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iNFiDEL 2 months ago

If they cut off all the immos welfare at least they would have something to eat. They made the mess let them sleep in it too.

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Kofajgogsos 2 months ago

This is what filthy damn fake ass jews / SOS / GOG , bring to every White nation eg... filth - rape - subhumanity - disease - vermin - theft - parasitism - uncontrollable breeding of boot lipped apes - sand niggers - filthy damn asians - himalayan mongolian apes - wetbacks and the mass murder of White's.

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pater409 2 months ago

Disgusting and wretched. Those responsible should be tortured and executed, and their corpses should be badly mutilated and desecrated--just for being cynical, hateful fucking cunts and faggots who take ball-less JEW cock up their assholes.

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Diot Bryant
Diot Bryant 2 months ago

This is both heartbreaking and very upsetting that this what become of Paris and probably France as a whole.

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ScreamingInSilence 2 months ago

The 16th century in the 21st century.


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