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Based chad beats up homeless faggot

Published on 20 Nov 2020 / In Comedy

Homeless faggot who had anal sex in a business restroom with a plastic dildo gets thrown out by based store owner.

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a non
a non 7 days ago

Plot twist: he beats up everyone that goes into his gym in the same exact manner.

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DaBes 12 days ago

You can tell he's crying like when his family used to rape/beat him. Which side is the one with compassion and understanding these days? Seems like neither... just where they want you.

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southern1861 12 days ago

Sick faggot. He deserves a beating. Good for him. Now he has to contaminate his gym and shower.

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Emu_Enforcer 13 days ago

Good. These faggots should have been dealt with decades ago. Don't let a single homo feel comfortable in this country

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a non
a non 7 days ago

What's funny in the jewSA is that you can burn a jewSA goy flag because it means nothing but burning the South Ossetian Autonomus Region flag from the USSR got someone 15-20 years.

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ZionistReport9 13 days ago

That fighter is from jewish descent.

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