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Banned From ShitChute

Published on 17 May 2021 / In Censorship

Banned from JewChute by Gay Vahey and his zionist buddies.

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LittleBird 9 days ago

Well, not that it's a great thing, but I just discovered and subbed you here, I did not see you on bitshite... I clicked bc "Banned from bitshite", knew it had to be good. Was not disappointed. Heil, brother. Sorry I missed you there

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ChrisCracc 9 days ago

LittleBird, I appreciate the kind words. I'm going to miss arguing with faggots on BitChute, but I think my ban was for the best. I'm plan on doing IRL activism soon, with my name and face out there..........I just need to get a video recorder first. I live in a giant liberal hotspot, so my content should be interesting. O/

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nimblehorse 18 days ago


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skez 20 days ago

they are working with the adl ....its on the adl website cunts need to move away for bitchute its been compromised

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FridgeDucky 1 month ago (edited)

You were one of the few based guys on there.

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ChrisCracc 1 month ago

Hey man, I appreciate that alot.

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ARYAN VIKING 1 month ago

In 2010 I arrived at USP Coleman 1 Federal Prison in Florida. It would get up to 110 degrees in summer. One day I saw about 400 blacks on the basketball court outside all standing in a line around its square. They were all making Comment to the New Guy. Evidently he was a snitch and not just a regular snitch but the kind of rat that lies against everybody in order to get Sentence Reductions. The other blacks were all grinning because they were all snitches too. The New Guy would point out different blacks he saw standing around him and say "I remember you. You proffered on so & so". That is a word created by the Federal Authorities. Under Federal Laws all sentences are set according to your past crimes which places you into a category for a certain number of years in prison. There is no deals like you would see in a State Court. Your Sentence is set by a guidelines range. The Feds allow for different kinds of Departures though most of which increase your sentence length in Upward Departures. There are only a select few Downward Departures of which are called 5K1 and Rule 35b. If you can name a Drug Kingpin in a snitch deal you have to have his whole network of workers busted all the way down to the smallest runner on the street. A Drug Kingpin will have hundreds of workers doing everything from bringing drugs across the border to selling them in the streets. A 5K1 gives 50% off your sentence whatever it is. A Rule 35b is what most everyone takes having a methamphetamine charge. With a Rule 35b each person arrested receives a 30% Sentence Reduction but has to name everyone from the Meth Cook down to everyone who buys the drug. The police then go out on a day and make the arrests of 50 to 100 people based on the word of one drug addict. Each of these people arrested are also given this same deal. Anyone having a charge for drug use who does not snitch will receive a sentence minimum of 20 years. In Federal prison you see drug addicts from all across America. It was just amazing to me to see all of these blacks bragging about all the people they put into prison simply by saying that someone committed the crime. White guys simply take 5 men to go beat up any White guy they find that did a snitch deal.

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ChrisCracc 1 month ago

Niggers are very wriggly and not at all consistent. It's even worse with the sheboons. Trying to get reliability out of a nigger is like trying to control the wind. It's not going to happen.

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iNFiDEL 1 month ago

Thats gulag stuff, if your a druggie in the US welcome to the USSR 2.0

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