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Australian state bans gun ownership, based on political views.

Published on 05 Oct 2020 / In Censorship

Victorian state govt. connects everyone on the right side of politics with Brenton and says, therefor, they have to ban all of them owning guns.

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DanTheOracle 14 days ago

i assume this is old? he has only been streaming games on his jewtube

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momento 14 days ago

It's 12 months old.

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Savage99 15 days ago

Victoria has been a communist state since the 1960s. The government and every government department is riddled with corruption. The police gang is known to run prostitution rings, drug rings and sell contract killings. Every politician and every 'judge' is completely and utterly corrupt. The Vic. gummit is importing niggas and sandniggas wholesale and the police gang supervises their riots, robberies and muggings and violent attacks on White Australians. Dumb fuck Victorians keep voting for the same shit every fucking election though don't they?

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The National Socialist

Yeah we have a plague of stupidity

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