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Ask for a white doctor

Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Niggers

Don't let shitskins anywhere near you

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NewWorldCircus 18 days ago

I used to clean windows on large residential homes.
I would climb 2 story ladders.
I worked with this NIGGER woman who was 18.
She casually talked about how "we live in AmeriKKKa", and how this land was stolen by whites, or some bullshit.

I thought to myself, "hmmm.. do I really want to be climbing enormous ladders with a low IQ white man-hating NIGGER standing on ground near my ladder?????... who's to say she won't shove the ladder, or something?".

I remember driving the work truck, and her sitting in the passenger seat.
She refused to say a word to me.
Once the other NIGGER coworker showed up in his truck, she urgently told the NIGGER coworker how she "Couldn't ride with that guy".

She hated whites, and I hate NIGGERS.
We didn't work well together.
I hope she gets the vaccine.

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NewWorldCircus 18 days ago

With the times we live in, a NIGGER doctor or a NIGGER nurse is the last thing I want to be treated by.

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LeniRiefenstahl 2 months ago

WITCH drs... change my mind

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southern1861 2 months ago

You have to be a really gift black person to be a doctor. I will not go to a doctor unless I have to. The niggers will probably kill you since they have a chance that you're in their so called care. They don't have the IQ to be a doctor. They know nothing.

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Soldier1 2 months ago

I have. I had to be hospitalized recently and they assigned a Nigerian doctor to me. I was in bad shape, but checked myself out. How is a Nigerian whose folk in Africa kill whites going to benefit my health? I don't think so!

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