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Ashli Babbitt Enthusiastic Video Marching to Capitol Right Before Fatal Shooting

Dan TheOracle
Published on 08 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics

Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was shot in the Capitol as she and other Trump supporters stormed into the building, was pumped up after the President's speech ... and posted one last video as she entered the mayhem.

Ashli went live on Facebook Wednesday in the moments leading up to the coup attempt in D.C., boasting that she was part of the mob marching to the Capitol.

The 35-year-old California native and Air Force veteran claimed there were more than 3 million pro-Trump protesters in D.C. along with her ... and she appeared zealous about what they were doing.

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Darkstate2020 7 months ago

4 tours of duty and she gets whacked in a NO GUN zone

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PFAER 7 months ago


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HATE_ 7 months ago

It's amazing when a black kills a white it's ok and hush hush in the jew media.

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Sane 7 months ago

It's so heart breaking that she is gone. She is a hero and she always will be.

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 7 months ago

i feel ya

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TheCuckStopsHere 7 months ago

rest in peace

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