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April 8 2021

Published on 25 May 2021 / In Pets & Animals

This is an adventuresome video describing a stubborn dog. When I first met Cujo he had been living in a fenced yard all his life and his owners rarely fed him and never changed his water bucket. He and the other Chow were in such a bad shape their hair was thin and I could see patches of blotchy orange and black spots on their skin. I immediately asked to take over their care. Beginning with a fresh change of water into each of two 5 gallon buckets a day I buy all of their food and give them treatments and medicines towards health plus take them on walks. Cujo had been getting completely dominated by the other Chow, Max, a big lion of a Chow, so I separated them. Today Cujo is so healthy and happy and loved that he knows we walk for his enjoyment each day. My own health isn't so good. I have heart disease and have had open heart surgery, have A-Fib, an enlarged heart and pulmonary problems. Still, it is for me the greatest pleasure each day just giving love and care to these dogs.

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watching_the_watchers 1 month ago (edited)

excellent upload...Cujo's looking on top form...I find essential oils like peppermint, pine are good natural ways to keep the biting bugs away ..then I'me not slapping dodgy chemicals on my skin

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mics972 1 month ago

I enjoyed that video, thanks!

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