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April 6th 2021 Discussion

Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In Pets & Animals

Enjoying the day today made me think of all the years I sat thinking about the corruption within our lagal departments and ways to make things more honest. I discuss ways to bring peace and freedom to our nations. Jews talk about their rights as a group separate from us Whites all the time but I think we Whites have rights separate and apart from Jews. No Jew has earned the right of authority over anyone of the White race. Their manufactured "money" from the Jew Rothschild is an assumed privilege they give themselves over our lives yet look to how many of us Whites these Jews have murdered and imprisoned only because of this assumed superiority they have given themselves over our rights as a race. We can be free of Jewish controls forever if their money isn't issued in our nations anymore. This is what President Kennedy wanted to do and is what President Lincoln tried to do. Adolf Hitler did refuse to issue Jewish money in his nation but look at how many Whites the Jews paid out their money to kill! Their manufactured money gives them this assumption that somehow only they get special privileges as a group over our lives, but what about our rights as a race?

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TIGER 12 days ago

Thanks Dazza

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