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April 1, 2021 when potatoes go on sale in China! Notice only 2 with Mask! wakeupppl

Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣April 1, 2021 when potatoes go on sale in China! Notice only 2 with Mask! wakeupppl

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AppalachianAmerican 14 days ago

Coming to a town near you...Stay tuned!

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 9 days ago

potatoes are overrated

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AryanPrincess 14 days ago

Chinese Communism Propaganda is what helped Bill Gates declare world wide "FEAR'
Seeing all those people Chinese standing and suddenly falling on their face and dying.

Well everyone sure bought this plandemic bull crap, Chinese have plans to invade America,
after Bill Gates presses the kill switch and days later 'Millions of Americans" that took the
vaccine ( killer stem cells) will slowly all die...
Can you guess who owns most of the land in America,
Bill Gates too.
Remember the Chinese are in on this "take over plot" of America.
Bill Gates is a Communist Lover !!!
Bil Gates paid off everybody using the World "JEW" Bank to start the plandemic:
1. $3.4 Billion for W.H.O
2. $3 Billion for GAVI
3. $3 Billion each, for Pres. Trump & Pres. Biden!
4. $870 Million John Hopkins University.
5. $280 Million Imperial College of London.
6. $243 Million Universtity of Oxford.
7. $155 Million for the CDC.
8. $53 Million for BBC Media
9. $40 Million England's Chief Medical Office.
10. $18 Million for Dr. Anthony Fauci.
11. $16 Million EVENT 201.
12. $11 Million for Moderna and ID 2020.
13. $11 Million for Patent 060606 # Cryptocurrency System using bio/body activity tracking data.
14. $9 Million The Guardian.

Bill Gates paid HUGE money to create this Monopoly of Health Industry To Destroy America ! ! ! ! !

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DDoubleDD 14 days ago

More civilized than WalMart customers on Black Friday,or most other days as well.

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EnterDominion 14 days ago


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