Another one bites the dust ep11 Sean Ruis age 43, Eaton County, Michigan

Dan TheOracle
Published on 15 Jul 2020 / In Entertainment

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51mQcii8 26 days ago

Good job clearing a jam. One suggestion, 45 ACP. And open fire just a bit sooner

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 25 days ago

apparently he managed to hit the mag release so yea she had to slam that back in before reloading. definitely should have shot WAY before she did but cops are too scared to shoot shitskins because of all the trouble it causes. its a lose/lose situation

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Uplightened 2 months ago

Sadly, he was pointing the gun tooo high , becazse the attacker should survive, so, that he could give a statement for his evilness !!!

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TheBlueMule 2 months ago

Women, Black, spics and Fat FUCKS off the force. Well at least give the fat fucks a choice, Charge them 1000 dollars a month for each pound they are until they get to height appropriate weight.

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GoySchmecklestein 2 months ago


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Allophylian 3 months ago

Black ''compliance'' strikes again. Suicide by cop. Great life achievement

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