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Another inhuman scum Abusing An Old White Man at the Nursing Home

Published on 26 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

The black man says some words before rubbing and pushing the man's head.

Even more disturbing were the comments posted under the video excusing the behavior.

Most of the comments have been since removed and the thread locked but one user posted:

This is really not as bad as yall make it seem.

First off he just rubs the guy's head and gives it a little push. Like you would do to a child. Sometimes we treat old people the same way we would treat a child. You don't know what their relationship is like. The kid actually seems like a sweet kid in the other videos he posted.

Many of the other posts now removed made fun of the elderly man and some even used race as an excuse, as if some sort of payback for past wrongs.

There has been no news report on the incident as of yet.

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MaximumDong 2 months ago


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RobertCoxswain 2 months ago

Emanuel Kant, Universal Law, a law is only just if applied equitably. The fact is our ancestors had no such issues, today men are too weak to apply the law.

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southern1861 2 months ago

What a poor excuse of a sub-human. Heartless and mindless nigger. I hope he gets treated like that one day. Stupid nigger.

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ShortieLeeroy 2 months ago

If the elderly man has family,they need to get him the hell out of there.Maybe they put him in there to begin with..fucking hell.

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truthbombs 2 months ago

fuckin nigger

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