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Another Hoax in the Wall

Published on 20 Sep 2020 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

Coronavirus hype is the biggest political hoax in history... now let's just hope this is a one-time hoax that doesn't roll around every time flu season approaches.

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MrsWhite 13 days ago

I am so pissed. We have to stop this!

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Neff 30 days ago

It's interesting to consider that parents are willing to leave it up to incompetent politicians to have the final say in how their children are educated. Sadly, I think many parents are grateful for the school year, because they don't have to deal with and/or be responsible for their kids.

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TheLast GoodGirl
TheLast GoodGirl 1 month ago

omg I am so glad I home school

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SerIntegral 1 month ago

"I'm glad we have teachers to educate world."....

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卐卐卐 \/ri||arō|\|i|\| 卐卐卐

hahhaha oh yes they are so helpful

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