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Angkor Thom- Sons of the Son

Published on 04 May 2021 / In Music

This is video content to show how a group of people who began as mercenaries and slavers, child molestors and a cult of human flesh eaters conned the world into thinking they were a religious group with a money scam whereby they were allowed to print up some worthless paper and call it money, loaning it with a price attached to every dollar and murder and imprison hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Of course they declare wars to establish one of their banks into other countries knowing that once done they control the police departments and laws. With the money they make they can lie to us everyday throughout all News Sources and Movie Studios and create inequalities between races through the laws to keep everyone fighting and hating one another while they remain above the laws of any nation to put in prison for their crimes.

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Soldier1 5 days ago

STOP enlisting. They're spitting on the graves of vets, and calling them "domestic terrorists" if they show any patriotism. They're dragging you through the mud, threatening to cut your benefits if you disagree with them, etc. Plus, you are subjected to a barrage of vaccines in the military. Stay out! Remain free!

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DARRYL DUNCAN 5 days ago

A perfect candidate for this is named in that that one video I did about what the police did in 1986. I never could get anyone to investigate that case but thats because the criminals were District Attorneys. This guy I was in school with always talked about wanting to kill people. He became a drug dealer and operated a burglary ring, he robbed a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation undercover agent and military vehicles of Uzi 9mm and .45 handguns but the police never put him in jail even once. When he was caught in his own apartment having stolen property coming from a Milan TN neighborhood of cops and Judges the police told him to join the Army. Within a year he was Green Beret bound. It just shows how selective the police are in who they do not send to prison.

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