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Ancient Sword That Came From The Future

Published on 18 Nov 2020 / In Interesting
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White Power
White Power 8 months ago

I remember watching that pbs documentary years ago, it was interesting....and as good as the modern sword maker is, he still couldnt duplicate it exactly, the quality of his sword wasnt as high quality as the original.

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Lawi 8 months ago

Clearly, the technology existed to make such a sword; so the question becomes, "How much technology is required to replicate that sword?"

It looks to me that this sword building did not depend on machinery, but it did depend on a working knowledge of metallurgy and hardening techniques, so as not to overheat and burn off the carbon.

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Spectralwulf 8 months ago

I think the Vikings and Saxons that served in the Varangian guard in Constantinople surely would have learned Roman blacksmith techniques while living there and took them north when they returned home. The Ulthberht swords were based on the Roman cavalry sword - the Spatha.

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bannedforhatespeech 8 months ago

I don't know how someone made that sword with such primitive technology, but I do know that it was a white guy that did it.

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14HAILVICTORY88 8 months ago

Oc course it was BUT don't be surprised if they say we stole from some blacks or they made it.

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Soldiergoy 8 months ago

Very cool

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