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Ancient Booby-Traps At 8th Wonder Of World

Published on 19 Oct 2020 / In Interesting
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Soldier1 22 days ago (edited)

It looks like something Nephilim may have built. Nimrod was chopped up and his parts sent east, west, north, and South. They were retrieved and placed back together along with a wooden phallus. His penis could not be found, and legend has it a crab ate it. It's possible his remains were buried here. But why? He was black.

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WhiteTramplesDirt 7 months ago

These turks never built anything, they only take over what's been there for thousands of years, fucking anatolid digusting scum. The Armenian highlands were WHITE, one of the main reasons Armenia Y - dna is R1B dominated and their language has well over 2000 similar words to the Germanic languages, they were there from the start like their brothers and sisters. The Thracian and Dacian cousins and Greeks. But those fucking sandrat anatolids olive skins mixed with mongolians turks then mixing with everything they could lay their nasty kike claws on defiling everything that was WHITE in that region! These are WHITE lands, whipe these turkish kike roaches off the face of this earth. Cause now they're spreading their shite genes all over Europe! If you've ever met turks, you'll know that they're the most vile sadistic creatures to live on this planet that act like they're angels. FUCK EM! So much White lives suffered because of these shit stains!

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Soldier1 22 days ago

Aren't Ashkenazi Jews Turco-Mongolian? Look at how sadistic they are. The worst.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 7 months ago

so once again we have Caucasoid figures and statues in supposed "indigenous" clothing along with the same kind of stone masonry we see all over the ancient world.... White flight anyone? ;)

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Konigtiger1945 7 months ago

Well that was new to me ..thanks

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yardfowl 7 months ago

they built it because they could. i know one thing is certain, no jigaboo, mud hut , dung eating . spear chucking sand dwellers built it. Looks 100% Adamic in origin.

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WhiteTramplesDirt 7 months ago

nasty turk roaches only came to that region 700 years ago, they didn't built shit. They only raped their way to power because again, White tolerance. STOP THEM FROM DOING THE SAME TO EUROPE!

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