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Published on 26 Jul 2020 / In Music

This is Amon Amarth. I made the video using official videos and added watermarks for my own unique style. The way the Vikings of old fought against the Jotun Clan of evil is much the same as we of the white race must fight against the evil of the clan called Jews. In truth I think that those whom our ancestors called Jotun's are the Jews. They have done a great rewrite of History with all the television movies they have made but Jews, alas, have always been great liars. In truth Viking Age and more importantly the white race was here for tens of thousands of years before the first Jews descended of the Arabic race from females abducted from various countries. Using a belief in devil-worship they created Judaism towards achieving the wants of Satan upon this earth. Whites on the other hand have always been a noble race. A people who fight. The real reason for Viking attacks against England is that England sought to forcefully convert everyone to Christianity, a religion as false as Judaism, using mercenaries to do their fighting, making others pay taxes to their monks. These were retaliatory attacks. England is a new nation by comparison, just as America is a new nation by comparison to England. This video shows heroes of the white race doing what we do best- fighting.

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WHITEWARRIOR88 6 months ago

Do you have any recommendations on sources to learn more about Vikings and the older history of white man before modern times ?? I find plenty on recent history mostly kikes distorting history to fit their narrative . Dirty rat bastards!!!! Im just lookin for reliable authors or documentaries whatever anything truthful that I can learn. I'm 36 and a little late getting to the party as far as dedicating all my free time to learning our history and thingds I can teach my kids....thanks for your response in advance.

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