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Amon Amarth- The Fate of Norns

Published on 02 Mar 2021 / In Music

Anyone can review History to see how it was that we Americans were taken over by an enemy group of people. They conned President Woodrow Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which allows them to print up the money we use, giving them controls over the laws of the land and our police departments and Presidents. I have been put into prison for crimes I didn't commit and watched as the authorities and the newspapers did a cover-up, refusing to investigate the evidence I have of police corruption. Anybody should be able to see that all police are simply employees of the Jewish Rothschild Family, their banks. From these banks they also pay out their money to murder hundreds of millions of other Whites worldwide in senseless wars simply to establish their banks in other countries. We can only look to Adolf Hitler as the man who saw the truth of it and tried to stop them by refusing to issue their currency in Germany. Jews cannot control a nation unless their money is the currency of that nation but by issuing it everyone is now become property and slaves. President Kennedy saw this truth too and tried separating America from the Jewish Banks. President Abraham Lincoln also saw this truth and tried issuing debt free GREENBACK Currency. The Fate of Norns is the song by Amon Amarth taking us back into History thousands of years before the 1st Jew was born.

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