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Amon Amarth- The Fate of Norns

Published on 25 Jul 2020 / In Music

This is a music video of the album title song by Amon Amarth called The Fate of Norns. I have always viewed the group of people called "Jews" as the group my ancestors called Jotun. 500 years ago Jew wasn't even a word and the letter J is new to the alphabet. Jotun is a class of pure evil beings and the letter J is pronounced with a Y sound. In the ancestral lore of the white race from more than 6000 years before the Arab's created Christianity the whites of both Northern and Southern Europe believed in the natural elements of this earth and said that we should fight for family and folk. They often spoke of an evil clan or family and named them Jotun and it was the responsibility of us to kill these vermin on sight. Jews have a long history of child molestation, child ritual murder and of eating the flesh of people they kill. The Jews also have a 2000 year history of keeping slaves. It is a natural thing to believe that the ancestral faith of the white race warned us of the most evil group of people in the world, Jotun's, whom refer to themselves today as "Jews".

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GHREM 10 months ago

Jotun... I like that!

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