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Amon Amarth- Bastards of a Lying Breed

Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In Music

Amon Amarth is more of a heavy metal type rock music band which places a fast pace on the drums for their songs. The want of the band is to remind the White race of our ancestry from before the coming of Christianity. Anybody knowing of those times know that when the Christians sent their monks to our lands these Christians were viewed as a dirty, unclean group of men who slept with little boys at their monastery in England. The Goths laughed at them when talk came of converting to Christianity. Christians began sending their armies over a course of 700 years to forcefully convert all Whites to their new religion. They built their Churches atop our Holy Groves so as to force people to come inside a building when giving honor to the gods. Men like Charlemagne were zealots and fanatics, murdering people without mercy to force their conversions. Finally they retaliated and attacked the monks in their own monastery at Lindisfarne, a blow to the heart of Christendom. The monks had been having their soldiers tax people annually of their harvests which were necessary to surviving the harsh winters but the callous monks did not care about the lives of others just so long as they could be paid Tributes. Over time the White Race dwindled in numbers and knew that soon their way of life would be forgotten with this new Age of Christianity so they found ways to make future generations remember their past in the myths and stories we still share today. This is music by Amon Amarth.

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