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Alex Jones EXPOSED as an Actor Performance Artist Shill for ((("israel")))

White Power
Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

Check out these other great channels from fine brothers (if you havnt already):

Will add more as i remember them, if i am leaving anyone out that has recommended me, PLEASE let me know and i will add your channel to the list!!

I am now starting to re-upload all 1500 videos that took me 3 years to upload on bitch-chute. Some things that you MUST understand are that...the hook nosed evil mongrel disease that call themselves "jews" are NOT the Israel of the Bible, the White race is. They are NOT of Shem, the White race is, therefore when they use the term "anti-semite" they're using it falsely claiming to be of Shem. They are NOT true Hebrew, again that applies to the White race only. They are NOT of the tribe of Judah, the White race of (primarily) Germany are the TRUE Judaites, so when they call themselves "jews" they're FALSELY claiming to be the tribe of Judah which they are NOT. What they are is filthy cainite mongrels, the murderers and liars of the planet. The war the evil hook nosed pigs wage against Gods TRUE chosen people, the White Race, still rages on MANY millennia later and the evil ones MUST be completely destroyed or everything in creation will continue to suffer and die because of them!!! Understand that those who have built ALL great civilizations are the White Race and the White Race ONLY, those are the FACTS!!!!!!! The hook nosed pigs are RACE MURDERERS and HERITAGE STEALERS, just like their nigger brothers!!!!!!! I add new links below from time to time so always look through them closely for any changes!!!

Please visit: for some GREAT Biblical truths!!!!!!!
& <<<(Be careful, i dont know how much is real and how much may be hook nosed psyop lies)

PLEASE help to spread this healing truth to awaken ALL your Aryan brothers and sisters!!!!!!!

Alle Juden müssen sterben!!!!!!!

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Bond0077 4 months ago

Pretty much everyone on TV is a performance artist, a ritualist, and an Adrenomite or thrall

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runehq665 6 months ago

Do you guys know what the Zero Curse is? There's no doubt that something's gonna happen to this Zionist pedophile. And why did Trump say that they will be back and that the next administration will need luck?

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Cheeseboy47 6 months ago

Everyone, download as many National Socialism, White Power, Pro-White, and Pro-Europe books as you can because the (((censorship))) will be heavy and annoying as hell. Please take care of yourselves, make white babies and Heil Europe.

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White Power
White Power 6 months ago

Amen brother! I have a very large amount of hard to find e-books, about ancient Aryan everything basically, i need to upload them all somewhere, maybe to my archive,org account.

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tomtruther 6 months ago

The thing with Jones is that although he might not be completely sincere he's not wrong either. At least about the globalist Takeover or whatever you want to call them. It's pretty clear everything is upside down right now. Anyone who speaks the truth is called crazy or radical. Even though nobody presents any evidence to prove it. Yet the evil doers are complete hypocrites and they don't get called out. I don't think I've ever heard a logical argument from one of these demonic people. They won't acknowledge the truth right in front of them but they will go to Great Lengths to believe a lie

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White Power
White Power 6 months ago

Alot of it is jew subversion, he does say some things right, as (((they))) all usually do, mixed in with some lies to make the entire turd pie look like the truth to the unstudied people, but only some of its true...for example, he'll mention a list of problems, then blame it on the "nazis" or chinese or anything and everything except for the jews who are actually behind it all.

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DouglasMuller 3 months ago

Fuck alex jones he is a jew and he mixes information to cause confusion he points at problems and offers no solution because he is controlled opposition placed to hinder those who would otherwise more quickly find a more truthful reporter

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jackellock 6 months ago

That's the real Donald Trump.

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