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After Sergeant Pentland confronted a criminal inhuman, BLM threatening his family outside his home

Published on 15 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized
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MaximumDong 1 month ago

THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE ON SOMEONE'S PRIVATE PROPERTY. If I were him I would have thrown flash bangs and tear gas out on the lawn where they are trespassing.

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SimpleKindOfMan 1 month ago

Don’t Niggers get it!? We don’t want you in our lives! Get the fuck away from us!

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GodHelpUsAll 1 month ago

Missed opportunity at mowing them down with automatic fire.

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rgalunas 1 month ago (edited)

No law an order cultural Marxism at its finest, no police support? Mayor has no balls? The community just wants normal and then these animals show up to your house? hmmm We must demand the truth and demand the police protect their communities. Get the Sheriff involved? This type of behavior against my race must not be tolerated the same group of BLM, then we must have our own WLM group to counter this terrorism. ahhhhhhhhh the world is upside down good is evil and evil is good woe to the nation that is experiencing that!

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Soldier1 1 month ago

I hope there were arrests. These niggers are so like jews. It's always hive mind and group think with them. Absolutely no individuality whatsoever.

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