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Adolf Hitler and the jq

Published on 18 Feb 2021 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media
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Hanssen 14 days ago

If Hitler hated the jews so much, why did he then punish German soldiers who mistreated the Jews as can be verified in the transcript of the nurnberg trial proceedings. "A German who had cut off and kept a Jew's beard was imprisoned for 3 years" "After being liberated by Germans, Ukrainians in Lviv began to exact vengeance against the bolshevik Jews who had exterminated 10 million Ukrainians a decade earlier, but the German 49th Mountain Corps stopped them and protected the jews" "In 1943, 2 Luftwaffe soldiers were executed for having killed the sole jewish inhabitant of the village north of Rostfov" Dont fall for his speeches. He protected the jews and moved them to the middle east, and the ones who refused to leave he sent to concentration camps, bescuse he knew that the allied forces were going to bomb the cities.

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