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Adolf Hitler's Mercedes-Benz (NS Germany)

Published on 17 Jun 2021 / In History

I got this video form the "Histoy"⁣ (antifa) channel. So I had to cut a lot of the ⁣BS interview stuff to get to the good footage. I apologize that the footage is somewhat cut up. ⁣The video randomly Zooms in because there was ⁣disinformation narration. ⁣It has a short racing clip in it because Hilter ⁣sponsored racing programs like Mercedes-Benz to promote the German Reich.

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Eva14 1 month ago

Nice video. You did a good job with it. In the 1930s, this was the ultimate commercial for Mercedes-Benz!

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Fallout 1 month ago

Thank you for the positive comment, I always enjoy when people like my videos. I strongly believe that the footage does the majority of the work. If you check out my channel you'll see similar videos to this one.

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WarrenofAlbyne 1 month ago

That's awfully nice but you just never see the orchestra.

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smartarse34 1 month ago

That was a good save at the 35 second mark :-). Hope you're well, Fallout.

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Fallout 1 month ago

Appreciate the comment as always. This video was rather challenging because I had to cut a lot out and match it up ,but I still think it came out well. I've been trying to find some good footage of motorcycles from the 1930s and 40s mainly form our fascist European ancestors. with luck that will be out soon.

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smartarse34 1 month ago

@Fallout: Sweet man, looking forward to it :-)

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Fallout 29 days ago

@smartarse34: Its up. I think you may like it. it's not a music tribute it's more of a historical video for knowledge

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mics972 1 month ago

The Nazi Flying Saucer Program

“the US military was justifiably alarmed about the Nazi development of fighter discs … that could hover, fly at supersonic speeds, and change direction instantly.
German aeronautical engineers were working on discs beginning in 1933, and by 1945 they had developed a highly sophisticated circular craft that was able to fly at very high altitudes and with incredible speed using electromagnetic propulsion technology. If the war had lasted only a few months longer … the Allies’ air superiority would have vanished. We would then have lost the war… both Britain and the United States (and Russia) were receiving reports about these discs … it became imperative to conclude [win!] the war as quickly as possible.
Furthermore, and most importantly we [our military] had been aware of the alien presence on the planet since the 1930’s…
ccording to Philadelphia Experiment survivor Al Bielek, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Pleiadian representatives on board the USS Missouri in the mid-Pacific in 1933. Bielek claimed that this meeting was arranged by Nikola Tesla.

“Hitler was told to preserve the Aryan (same as Pleiadian) [race] here on Earth. He was not supposed to kill off the [race] of the Pleiadians arch enemies, the Draco, who colonized Earth in the form of the Semitic race. … The Leveron alliance consists of reptilians and grays and their leader is from a planet called Draco which orbits Draco Major in the Orion constellation. That is why the leverons are sometimes referred to as the Orion alliance.”
– Encounter in the Pleiades by P.B. Nichols, pg.74, 84

[Recognizing that aliens have been here since the beginning and that, in some cases, it was their ancestors who first settled here and they are now our ancestors as well, throws out cherished beliefs. “Gods” did not only create others on other planets as well, but we came from some of them. (and it must be even more complicated than just that – there are others trying to interfere?) Today, it does not help that those in charge of big corporations are willing to drive us all to extinction rather than give up their position of power and authority. Just the fact that aliens will have no interest in their games, and will not be controlled, should end their domination.]
In 1944, SS Commander Heinrich Himmler withdrew all secret technology and weapons development from under the control of Hermann Goering and relegated it to civil engineer SS General Hans Kammler, and it was moved to the massive Skoda Munitions Works near Pilsen [Plzen] Czechoslovakia. … The Skoda factory produced the German Panzer tanks early in the war and had the capacity for large-scale metal castings, which were needed to build the discs.
There is evidence that the Germans manufactured up to 25 working models of the Haunebu type. This was the distinctive bell-shaped craft powered by a rather simple electromagnetic motor called the Kohler converter [Hans Kohler aka Hans Coler: Magnetstromapparat, “Magnet Current Apparatus“] … In this series, the Haunebu I was a small, two-man ship, but the Haunebu II … was reported to have a diameter of about 75 feet. … the German technicians had built a huge version to the Haunebu, which was about 230 feet in diameter.

[Nazi Haunebu IV] This “dreadnought,” the Haunebu IV was piloted by an all-volunteer joint German-Japanese crew and went on a suicide mission to Mars. According to Vladimir Terziski it crash-landed on Mars in Jan. 1946 after a difficult 8 month flight. … Terziski says that this mission left from the joint Nazi-alien base at Neuschwabenland in Antarctica.

Other important research was carried on – presumably at Sloda, primarily by Viktor Schauberger and Richard Miethe. … In a letter written by Schauberger to a friend, he gives information about his direct experience. He says:
“The flying saucer which was flight tested on the 19th of February 1945 near Prague and which attained a height of 15,000 meters in 3 minutes and a horizontal speed of 2,200 km/hr, was constructed according to a model I built at Mauthausen concentration camp …

The Godfather of Nazi Germany

Karl Haushofer was a celebrated veteran of World War I. Before the war, he was an officer teaching at the German War Academy and in 1908 was sent to Japan to assist as an artillery instructor and study Japanese military practices. … Already fluent in Russian, French, and English, he easily learned Japanese and Korean and consequently he was accepted into the highest strata of Japanese society … and the Kokuryu-Kai, better known as the Black Dragon Society. … the Black Dragons in addition to controlling Japan, infiltrated the power centers of all the countries of East Asia… They did not hesitate to use assassination to further their goal of domination. … The Black Dragons were confident that they would be able to conquer Russia with Germany’s help by attacking from two directions.

At the innermost core of the Black Dragon Society was the Green Dragon Society. … In the 19th century it became known that the Green Dragons maintained a close affiliation with a mysterious group called the Society of Green Men who lived in a remote monastery and underground community in Tibet and communicated with the Green Dragons only at the astral level. Capable of manifesting tremendous psychic and occult power, the Green Men easily controlled the Green Dragons, who viewed the liaison as advantageous to them, not realizing who was controlling whom.
[Book: Secret Journey to Planet Serpo - by Len Kasten] Book: Secret Journey
to Planet Serpo
– by Len Kasten

Impressed with German-Prussian militarism, the Green Men … convinced the Green Dragons to invite Haushofer into the society, and to initiate him into some of their mysteries. By giving him powers that only they could convey they hoped to use him as a catalyst to bring about an invincible fascist German state, which would form an alliance with Japan…

He returned to Germany in 1911 … a secret weapon unleashed upon unsuspecting German society by the dugpas, the black magicians of the underground Tibetan civilization… In 1914, he entered World War I with the rank of General,… he was able to predict with precision Allied bombardments and maneuvers, and consequently, was able to undertake timely countermeasures thus … he emerged from the war as a hero in the rank of Major General…
In retrospect, it has become clear that the Green Men were connected with the underground empire of extraterrestrials [including the Gray’s, the Reptilians, and others] which is said to extend from southwestern Tibet all across the Indian subcontinent to Benares, India. This empire is called Patala, or “Snakeworld” in Hindu mythology and is said to be the home of the Nagas or the serpent race, who have been worshipped by some and feared as demons by others in India since ancient times. … We know now that the Reptilians are closely associated with the so-called Greys originally from Zeta Reticuli,

from Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, by Len Kasten; pages 8-23

[Future Esoteric by Brad Olsen and Encounter in the Pleiades by Preston ]

“For example, [the Pleiadians] believe they were the ones who originally colonized this planet but others will debate that it was done first by Marduk or Orion. … Hitler was told to preserve the Aryan (same as Pleiadian) [race] here on Earth. He was not supposed to kill off the [race] of the Pleiadians arch enemies, the Draco, who colonized Earth in the form of the Semitic race. …

The Leveron alliance consists of reptilians and grays and their leader is from a planet called Draco which orbits Draco Major in the Orion constellation.” … Pleiadian planet Aldebaran: “Although the Aldebarans are Pleiadians, they align more with the Orion group. … They are the ones who contacted Hitler and sent him off to protect and foster the Aryan race.” – Encounter in the Pleiades by P.B. Nichols, pg.74, 84


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