Adolf Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

Published on 26 Nov 2020 / In History

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Heil Andkon's Reich sieg heil卐

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White Power
White Power 2 months ago

it was the JEW Bryan Mark Rigg (and the one mentioned in this video) who made the claims in his book "Hitlers Jewish Soldiers", where he tries to make the NSDAP out as some traitor multi-culti organization, which they certainly were not.
Hitlers troops were also not racially diverse. the Wehrmacht was a army for Reichsdeutsche, it was the army where you got drafted in to. only Germans served in the Wehrmacht. only the SS had "diversity", but only in European, mostly Aryan/Nordic blood. all of the pictures you have seen of asiatics, arabs and negroes in SS uniforms are more of symbolic character than anything else. as these units only had limited use on the frontline.

(thanks to IAM CHRIS for his part in this statement)

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 2 months ago

oh here we go with bullshit

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 2 months ago

great mirror fren, ive just followed their bitshit. 5 mins is when they are talking about hitler he obviously make a tiny mistake in the translation where he claims "all jews are communists" while also talking positively about non communist jews. obviously he didnt mean "all jews were communists" but "all communists were jews"

small mistake but with a pretty large difference

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