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About a person planting pipe bombs around the Capitol on the night of 5th January? Targeting both RNC & DNC.

Published on 09 Feb 2021 / In Politics

Interesting info I stumbled upon.

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Soldier1 3 months ago

Even if I knew I'd never tell those 🐓 suckers. They think the world runs on their money. Since there really is no left or right for the "deep state" , my guess is it had something nefarious to do with them.

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momento 3 months ago

You have a good point about no left or right so it is possible what you say is true. Can't discount it. I'm not fully convinced of it but I'm open to the idea. My belief is that it is an anarchist. They want to destroy western society and are not loyal to GOP or Dems, so that explains this, to my way of thinking.

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