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General J.D. Ripper
Published on 22 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

Aaron Kasparov

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rick H
rick H 3 months ago

60 million in Russia, 20 million in Germany, 10 million in Ukraine, millions in the mid East, ever debauchery foisted upon humanity.

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constitution_89 3 months ago

I grieve for Germany of Both World Wars but WW 2 So Much More, the Germany of 1932 - 1945 and since for what these Luciferian Babylonian Talmudic Ba'al/Moloch Worshiping Scum from the deepest Pit of Hell have done to Not Only Germany but Western Civilization itself and ALL because of Two Traitors Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. My Only slight satisfaction comes from knowing Both including Eisenhower are roasting in Hell at this moment, have been since the day they departed this World and Will be FOREVER. But it still doesn't scratch the itch of Revenge I want to witness for those of the Synagogue of Satan, the Rothschild's, Warburg's et al and the other Worst Traitor in American History that Traitor Scumbag Woodrow Wilson which is when by New Years Day 1914 American's Should have Stormed Washington, D.C., grabbed Wilson, "Colonel" House, Sen. Nelson Aldrich (R-RI), Benjamin Strong, J. D. Rockefeller and others and Burned Them Alive on the Capitol Lawn and tossed that Document of High Treason the so-called "Federal Reserve Act"onto the flames and then Expelled ALL the Jew's from the United States to Never set foot in this Country Ever Again.
And still I ask myself: "Why was None of this Done then?" And NO reasonable answer can I think of even 107+ years later and Look what has become of America and the World now, just months from "'THEIR"' Luciferian NWO and Beg God in Heaven for just One Divine Intervention of Cancelling the Reign of Satan's Rule on Earth for that 7 year period of Tribulation the Good People of the World, His children to be spared that Horror on it's Way and the Impostors of Instantaneous Human Combustion Everywhere "'THEY"' are so as to become individual little 5" piles of fine ash to be rinsed into the nearest Sewer Drain headed for the Sewage Treatment Plant before being discharged into the river and oceans "'They"' deserve to be flushed into but of course Not All of them but the Hasidic Scum Most definitely, ultra-Orthodox and ALL others who Worship Satan/Lucifer before Roasting Alive Forever in HELL!!

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KMB 3 months ago

The Jews Are Trying To Close Their JWO Net Because People Are Seeing What Lying Dirty Maggots These Things Are Your Game It Up

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