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An Overdue Message of Gratitude to my Subscribers

Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

The words I use here just don't do justice to how grateful to you guys I actually am. Ryan...I failed to mention you...but brother, I am beyond grateful to you too.
Thank you to:
Chris S. - Thank you
Justo M. Thank you
Anthony C - You're the name I couldn't remember. Brother, words just can't express it. THANK YOU!!
J. Lee - thank you so much for your donation.
Chris O. - Thank you
Brendan G. - Thank you
And I feel like a douche bag that I didn't mention you in this vid.
Jeremy A. - words can't express it for you either.

If I missed anyone, please don't take it personally, I'm still very grateful. Thank you all so very much.

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Illusionist 8 days ago

You are welcome. For me it's about learning willing to listen to the most controversial shit nobody dares to talk on.

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rambetter 16 days ago

Hey bud, what you state pertaining to being of service to others and then subsequently being attacked by a "force" is something that I myself have experienced. To help you understand what is going on you may want to consider the possibility that the "evil force" has the ability to abuse the time dimension; that is, they can anticipate events and adjust things along the timeline.

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Scatterbrainkid 17 days ago

Hey man, you do a lot for us who don’t have the time or ability to dive into the ethereal realm. If you went into this knowing you wanted to help people... well you’re doing it. Think about everyone who helps people whether it be paramedics and emts to liberation soldiers or firefighters. They all do a thankless job and it’s not for the glory. They do it because nobody else is there to do it. I think Marvin Gaye said this “a great artist suffers for the people” and I think the same goes for a shaman.

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POLAND_STRONK 17 days ago

5:18 Oey vey! He kidnaped a kid!

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HStheNS 17 days ago (edited)

glad to hear that you're doing better, best of luck to you in the future

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