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A History Of What They Did To Destroy America (of course it's the Jews) (See Playlists)

Published on 13 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

it all boils down to the money changers, the bankers, the Jews and what those 3 designations have done and been to human life and have always been.
NOTE: ANY "remedy" type subject matter he refers to (i.e. UCC1 or 'secured party creditor' stuff, you must look up and research these subject matters for yourself if you've not learned about them to date...and adequately acquaint yourself with how these processes work and what they do and any applicability for yourself. that aside, pretty much everything else he's explaining as far as the storyline, the timeline and course of events is pretty spot on. if Americans don't know this they have no frame of reference to know how far off the reservation our own government has taken us due to our own ignorance. if we do not educate ourselves to these things, we will never get back what they've taken from us, and it will have been as easy as taking candy from a baby for them. and what they really exercised to pull it off.. is patience.

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mws12112 2 months ago

(MIght i submit that the third and final bankruptcy ended in 99, therefore the people need to stand to own and write a new banking constitution for the government. As the continuance of the evidence for the original ended then as well. As it is said that custom trumps law. It can clearly be seen they have no rules and they do not until the people give them rules and guidelines to protect the borders and you god given rights. Just wanted to throw that out there. There is also the :Quantum-Federal-Serve-System but for the defacto this is truth. Thank you for the
videos of truth my friend. I am fifty from Bishop-California.)

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mics972 2 months ago

America is the whore of Babylon! - Thank you! - A Great Video!

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D.C. is nestled between Virginia and Maryland -- VIRGINia and MARYland - The "Virgin Mary"

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mics972 2 months ago

@TheRebelliousMeatPuppet: Wow! I would have Never thought of that, that is interesting.

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