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An End To Our System of Currency Means Freedom For All

Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment

I purchased my 1st PC in December 2017 but before that had never operated one. This was just an effort at trying out all the features of the movie maker I purchased. I make these videos because I believe in humanity. I believe there are good people all around the earth and that everyone can be free, equally, simply by adopting the measures Adolf Hitler set into motion beginning in January 1933. He refused to issue the currency of the Federal Reserve/Rothschild Banks and that ended the corruption and the crime. Without this currency there is no incentive for crime. It ended upper and poor class distinctions which was why Hitler's Youth was created, so as to have a generation of youth who have no prejudices against other races. Much good was accomplished for Germany and anyone can see that the people were happy and free now. National Socialism itself was a means to secure peace between races and nations because it showed a love and appreciation for each race and allowed each to promote their own culture. Freedom can still come to humanity but we must end our currency laws to have it.

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RobertCoxswain 1 month ago

The Germans removed the bankers, and then printed the Mark themselves. The bankers and their cronies must be removed first. It would also be possible to have a currency that ran parallel to whatever system is in place and a slow replacement, but if it is tried they apply force of law to end it. The problem would be getting the masses to go along with such a plan, this is one reason for diversity, as diversity is newspeak for division. The Germans had, for the most part, a homogeneous society.

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mics972 2 months ago

First! - So Great, see Altcensored, video: ( Life ) by Illusion ...

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