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A Discourse On BETRAYAL (maybe a bit of a rant too)

Published on 27 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

A discourse on Betrayal and how deep it runs in all of the ways it manifests with other meat sacks

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Stevelethal92 2 months ago

Father accused me of clearing out his storage unit of his music equipment that I spent hours helping him move into storage. He also accused me of stealing some currency he inherited from his mother that I didn't even know existed.

Coincidently I'm the only person who helped him move his music equipment into storage so he used this fact to accuse me behind my back to his side and my mother's side of the family. He didn't say anything to me until after slandering me.

This accusation came right after we had a falling out and I was refusing to speak to him. I suspect he didn't want to look bad for having issues with his only son so he created a narrative to excuse himself from lacking as a parent.

I wanted to believe that he was honestly mistaken, but after I told him that I had nothing to do with his stuff being stolen and agreed to take a polygraph per his insistence. He never followed through with the polygraph test that he said was necessary for me to take in order to "trust" me again (even though I was claiming innocence). He also said that if I passed the polygraph he would "publicly apologize" to everyone he told.

7 years later he still hasn't set up the test. He knows I'm innocent, and I think he may have sold his equipment and just flat out lied about it being stolen.

Turns out he cares more about his reputation than he does our relationship.

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Bearcingetorix 2 months ago

Describes my parents perfectly dude. You have my empathy. My mom is a psychopath, but she hides it. Her entire family would describe her as an angel. Her kids know her because she couldn't hide it from us. Unfortunately we have our own baggage. Hard to raise yourself and not have it.

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My parents are both narcissists. Not one but both. I got lucky as fuck I didn't turn narcissistic. I got the other end of the narcissist raising equation. As someone that feels everything, I became a narcissist magnet. That's plagued me with narcissistic women entering into my life at every opportunity. Cluster B is a plague upon the earth as far as I'm concerned.

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