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88 Problems - Wignat Edition

Published on 01 Oct 2020 / In Entertainment
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DARRYL DUNCAN 7 months ago

The message in the video is certainly one which we Whites hoped for a long time that blacks would see. We Whites are certainly not running any show. We have no say, no power. It is only the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that gave America to Jews. Jews are the people who brought Africans here in the first place. Every Jewish home owned African slaves but the majority of the White race was opposed to slavery. Jews in New York owned all of the slave ships and they captained and manned those ships. Jews in other countries acquired the slaves. Get this, because it is another truth which you will not get taught in schoool: While Jews were abducting blacks to sell as slaves in America they were abducting Whites to sell as slaves to the Middle East. This was the discussion of Congress when President George Washington became our 1st President. John Adams and Benjamin Franklin brought up discussion that Jews had been doing this for the last 300 years. The Middle Eastern rulers kept millions of slaves and they used females for sexual services, invading along coasts and countries, converting others to Muslims while doing so. In Spain the Jews did the same thing to Whites there over a 700 year period but forcefully converting them to Christianity. In Italy 500 years ago the Jews attacked with the Moors and killed all of the men and boys over one half of the nation forcing their females into sexual services. In Northern Europe the Jews with the Franks and Arabic armies fought against the Vikings over a course of 700 years to forcefully convert them to Christianity. In Greece the Jews brought in Persian armies to forcefully convert them into Christianity and this is how the story of "300" began. In America President Washington began paying the Muslim rulers 20% of America's annual income as Protection Money to keep them from abducting people from our coasts but when Thomas Jefferson became our 3rd President he stopped paying the Protection money and used this money to build a Navy. Jefferson then sent the Navy to the Middle East to demand the return of all the White slaves. The Middle Eastern Muslims said No. President Wilson could not free any Whites from slavery and could only better protect our borders with the Navy.

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