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5Min of Truth Christians REFUSE To Accept "Truth be damned if it's not in the bible" CHRIST - LUCIFER - PHOSPHORUS - BIOLUMINESCENCE

Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

This showcases how brain dead and foolish Christians are...."but, but, but, it's not in the bible and I'm a sheep minded golem so I can't think outside of the box or think for myself, because it's not in the bible and if the bible doesn't say it, it couldn't be true" bunch of low IQ golem.

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mics972 2 months ago

Go East Young White Men
Black Pigeon Speaks
Video :

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GEN. JD RIPPER 3 months ago

Great upload! That connected some dots for me.

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Sven 3 months ago

She explained it well. Lucifer is Latin, was never mentioned in the Hebrew or Greek translated versions of the Bible, in fact Jesus on many occasions is referred to as the Morningstar. One who shines the brightest. Lucifer the Morning star is Jesus Christ. So if you love Jesus, you love Lucifer because it is the same person. Why would the beast, the demiurge, the epitome of all evil be associated with the light? Because they like to reverse things. They say "Lucifer Our Lord", or Jesus, and then do evil things in HIS name. That is true Evil.

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FirstLast 3 months ago

Lucifer is son of the morning star

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RobertCoxswain 3 months ago

Jesus Christ is the Word of God as presented in the Gospels. Names, symbols, whatever, concentrate on the personage of Jesus Christ, the essence of His word, the truth of his nature. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

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Them624s 3 months ago

Thank you for this knowledge. Never would have thought of this.

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Lenny 3 months ago

How about a link or even a name of this lovely young woman?

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zinke1488 3 months ago

Look on her book when it appears on screen.

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