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Eggplant Shine
Published on 03 Apr 2021 / In White Pill

Location: Mt. Airy (Cincinnati), OH
White Victim: Renee Kuhn
Black Murderer: James Victor

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AppalachianAmerican 18 days ago

It's always hard to up-thumb videos like this...but I do.
Thank you for your service.

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Eggplant Shine
Eggplant Shine 18 days ago

Renee Kuhn lived in the same apartment building as James Victor. This feisty German girl had a verbal altercation with Nigger neighbor & Nigger plunged a kitchen knife into her chest. White women continually make the mistake of confusing Negroid behavior with European behavior. They are used to the chivalrous decency of White men, where they can get mouthy & live to gossip with girlfriends about it. Nigger brain doesn't operate on that human level. Nigger genetic instinct is KILL. Nigger cannot calculate the tolerance necessary for arguing, criticism, or reprimand. Like a Gorilla, even eye contact with Nigger can register a death warrant in it's small jungle brain. Impulse control, consequences, remorse, fairness, morality & ethical integrity are non-existent in Nigger DNA. Renee Kuhn is dead now. Tax payers will house, feed, medicate, clothe & educate this nigger for a lifetime. Let's call it what it is: The Nigger retirement plan.

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II_TheRook_II 19 days ago

GIBS MUH!! GIBS MUH! She must have been watching too much Jew media to argue with a low IQ cockroch black. The Jew media doesn't tell the white leftist that the feral black humanoid cockroach will kill over anything... or nothing at all.

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Soldier1 19 days ago

There's not a lot of info on this incident. The perp, James Victor, is being held on a million dollar bond. It's odd that both the victim and murderer were both stabbed.

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