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50 Years Anniversary of the forgotten Holocaust, how US bombs killed Millions in Laos & keep killing

Published on 18 Sep 2020 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

Fifty years ago this month, the United States began raining down bombs on Laos, in what would become the largest bombing campaign in history. From June 1964 to March 1973, the United States dropped at least two million tons of bombs on the small, landlocked southeast Asian country. That is the equivalent of one planeload every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years — more than was dropped on Germany and Japan during World War II. The deadly legacy of the Vietnam War lives on today in the form of unexploded cluster bombs, which had about a 30 percent failure rate when they fell from American planes over large swaths of Laos. Experts estimate that Laos is littered with as many as 80 million "bombies," or bomblets — baseball-sized bombs found inside cluster bombs. Since the bombing stopped four decades ago, tens of thousands of people have been injured or killed as a result. We are joined by Karen Coates and Jerry Redfern, co-authors of "Eternal Harvest: The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos."

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9 months ago

The price paid for harboring bolsheviks. We have been paying that price since about 1913 when they were allowed to create the federal reserve.
Once power was achieved, they've sent off men to die/become casualties of war since WW1, not to mention the brainwashing driving the slaughter of our European brothers.

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HereAmI 2 months ago

Just to clarify - you have not been "paying that price." Last time I checked, the US was not smothered with 80 million "bombies" or "bomblets" blowing people's legs off, or their eyes out. As the world's number one harbourer of bolsheviks, who surround your president, and occupy all the high positions of state, perhaps you should start yet another of your wars on terror somewhat closer to home than you normally do.

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