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☆50 Shades of Freedom Rally Rhetoric - inFLUencers 1☆

Published on 28 Jan 2021 / In Conspiracies

Every week we see more and more misleading or manipulative BS from not only our Politicians, media and the talking heads of the science world but unfortunately this is increasingly also coming from even the more mainstream alternative media ... I have amassed quite the collection of craziness since the start of the "covid crisis" and it is time to down size into useful pieces. Condensed some of the clips I have sorted for your cremastic enjoyment...

☆This video is not meant to be taken as scientific, legal or medical advice. Contains medical misinformation. Contains scientific misinformation. Contains legal misinformation. Contains unproven allegations presented as fact. Contains themes some may find offensive. Published for educational purposes.☆

☆CHAPTERS: 0:00 Unity - 5:38 The Not A Virus - 23:43 Shill, Sheep or Stupid - 29:01 Serene "I've Let Go Of Winning" - 29:23 The Cabal - 38:46 - Flu Bro (it is all a hoax) - 41:04 5Geez & Stuff - The Eggspurts 45:52

features - Max Igan - The Crowhouse, James Bartolo - Conscious Truth Network, Tim Wilms - The Unshackled & Wilmsfront & Uncuckables, Riccardo Bosi - Australia One and Arc, Mary Jane Liddicoat - Patriots Roll and Access Consiousness, Michael Simms - anit vaxxer, Serene Teffaha, Fanos Panyides - loudmouth, 99%Unite leader and shungite salesmen, some performing arts guy, Graeme Jeffs - long time activist for Lawful Rebellion etc etc

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AnxiousAussie 3 months ago

the signatures and personal details are not for the UK court case. Thry are being handed around the different inFLUencers who have popped up mostly in the last 12 months. There methods and/or claims SUPPORT the governments reasonableness argument while discrediting serious pushback against government and making a handy list of the loosest citizens likely to dissent.

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