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3 Albums By Brutal Attack

Published on 02 May 2021 / In Music

This is 3 albums of music by Brutal Attack ending with 2 bonus songs by Ian Stuart Donaldson. The video content is 32 videos of the nation that refused to issue money created by Jews from their own printing presses which anyone knows, allows Jews to control nations through a dictatorship. Once freed from the murders and starvations, the police corruptions and wrongful laws allowing Jews to stand beyond the laws of any nation to imprison for their crimes and at the same time allows Whites and others to be imprisoned from trial courts that do not have to prove guilt, Adolf Hitler created his own money which brought prosperity to everyone equally. Jewish Supremacy was ended. America will always declare Wars against other nations simply to establish a Jewish Bank in those nations, giving a few Jews the controls of the nation with the money they create. Once done these Jews will begin using the police to imprison Whites wrongfully on charges without verification they committed the crime, paying off people to lie in court to make prosecutions look legal with Sentence Reductions and Dismissed Charges and Reward Money, thoroughly corrupting all the laws of the land and empowering Jews to have the job positions of District Attorney, Judge and Police Officer while Jewish-owned medias lie to the public everyday. Disarming the people of these nations, the Jews then use their paid off police forces to get away with any crime.

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