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1960s Life In America _ Classic Images _ Vintage Photos

Published on 03 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣1960s Life In America _ Classic Images _ Vintage Photos

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 25 days ago


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constitution_89 1 month ago

Wow, Thanks for this Wonderful compilation of America.....when it still WAS America. I'm Sorry for the need to throw this in here, but I do it to bring Attention where it Truly belongs because This America No Longer Exist's, and Doesn't for Really just One specific reason:
It was then, about 1960 - 1963, that One Man saw Something He Did NOT agree with and Deeply Troubled him. That Man was President John F. Kennedy, and what he noticed was the Creeping Rise of a certain "'Tribe"' that had other Plan's and Dark motives Long-in-the-Works to Change THIS America into One that would be filled with Trouble, strife, chaos and Hatred....One that would be responsible for Changing America FOREVER, because he already saw what this "'tribe"' was causing now just as "'they"' had subversively caused just 40 then 30 years prior, Mostly in Europe, and that 'Trouble' led to the Almost Complete EXTERMINATION of a Country and it's People.... that Country was Germany. And Most Troubling to him was the Orchestrated Lies and Propaganda that was Used Against this Country And it's People who Only had the Best Interest, Safety and a choice of the continuation of Western Civilization as it's Standard, or Communism and this was it's "Line-in-the-Sand" so to speak because GERMANY was NOT going to permit what happened to Russia, it's Czarist Monarchy that was Nicholas 2 and his entire family and then following their Massacre and the conclusion of "'Their"' Bolshevik "Jewish Communist Revolution of 1917" the Mass Murder of as many as 20 Million Russian and Ukrainians just up to 1933 who were Mass Majority Christian's. Up till Stalin's death in 1953 of which Many people believe he was poisoned, the Soviet Union is believed to have Murdered between 60 and 100 Million people which does Not include Anybody killed in War.
John F. Kennedy had made a Lot of Enemies, but ALL those Enemies were Criminal's like his Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, the CIA and Israel but that's a story itself for another time except to go back to the beginning of this post and what Ruined America and is Stll Destroying it today:
Emmanuel Celler (D - N.Y.) was a Ultra-Zionist Jewish Democrat of almost 40 years and along with another Ultra-Zionist Jew RINO also from N.Y. named Jacob Javits (R - N.Y.) who was a Fake Republican who worked with Celler and another Democrat from Michigan named Philip Hart who orchestrated the "Immigration Bill" that would turn America into a Turd World Nation as it has when "'They"' Orchestrated the "Hart-Celler Immigration (Invasion) Act of (Treason) 1965" which created "Birthright Citizenship" which cannot be found ANYWHERE in the Bill but has been assumed by Both Parties to be a "Natural Expectation or Right" but it Is NOT, and the 14th Amendment Clearly states it is NOT as Congressman and Senator Lyman Trumbull stated when the 14th Amendment was being deliberated in Congress back in 6/8/1866 and made Very Clear which makes ALL the Republican's Traitors for NEVER challenging. The way it's been set up ILLEGALLY & UNCONSTITUTIONALLY is that if a pregnant woman gets to America just in time to Drop a kid on the Airport floor or on the American side of the Border Fence, it's an Automatic American Citizen when It's NOT!! The Mother hhas to Already be an American Citizen herself other wise her child is a Citizen of the Country it's Mother is a citizen of, Anything else is Absolute INSANITY!! There is possibly Only Maybe 2 or 3 other Countries where "Birthright Citizenship" is acceptable.... but I Don't know where they are, It Doesn't make Any sense and it is Another Zio-Kike trick that We, the American People Must Take a Stand On because it is Another thing that is turning America into a "TURD WORLD SHITHOLE" and We MUST Fix this too!!

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aLIFEofLIES 1 month ago (edited)

At 9:23. Cold. Wet. The smell of wet sawdust put on snow covered roads for traction. City bus puking diesel exhaust was more noticeable in the cold. Coal fired home furnace exhaust choking your lungs.
These smells told kids Christmas was right around the corner. Gas was $0.34 a gallon when I first started driving in '71. I remember America.

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vanillaexplosion 1 month ago

I miss the smells of these places of old now. The places we shop, the places we live and the things we buy all smell different now. And it seems that municipalities copied each others building codes nationwide and now store fronts of almost all of America looks the same from state to state to city to city. Also most homes are built in developments for the past forty years and these developments are built by large national builders that construct cookie cutter designed homes then place HOA's after the builds so homes look similar nationwide. America is just one big chain store country now, oh how thrilling. No wonder creativity is wanning its smothered by its surroundings and government.

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pater409 1 month ago


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