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卐How Adolf Hitler Became an Anti-Semite卐

Published on 31 Aug 2020 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

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gradually i began to hate (((them)))

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TheEvilWhite 7 months ago

They even "looked human" LOL! Walk with open eyes and ye shall see the rotting corpse underneath! I've never cared or known too much about Jews either until a family friend - who ironically happened to be a half Jew from his mother's side - started preaching to me. This Jew was THE first and biggest Jew hater I've ever met. Told me about their corrupting influence and subversion in politics, arts, academia. Also, about how how scientific inventions, research papers were expropriated from others throughout history. Slowly I began looking into it...

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 8 months ago

HAIL VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HStheNS 8 months ago

Deutschland sieg heil!

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